Everything I am proud to have worked on.

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Assembly Line Machines

Completed Oct 2020

This is the Minecraft mod me and my friend, NinjaKittens, have spent working on for 8 months. This is a culmination of all my knowledge of Minecraft.

View Assembly Line MachinesView Code

Java Works Showcase

Completed 2016-2019

This is a combined launcher of all of my earliest, rudimentary Java works, including personal works as well as those done for school. Everything in this has a description as to why it was meaningful enough for me to include in the launcher, and this is a great way to see my progression as I learned to harness the power of programming.

Download Java Works Showcase

Receipt Job Queuer

Completed Jan 2020

This is a server for receiving HTTP POST requests from port 9925 and converting it to ETC/POS-compatible formatting and sending to a thermal printer, like you'd find connected to a Point of Sale machine. Essentially, this allows for worldwide, remote, wireless printing. Allows features including P2P sending as well as whitelist and authentication options.

Download Receipt Job QueuerView Print Job Website